This cover, which includes public liability insurance, has been developed for the communal facilities of complex estates which may comprise multiple blocks of flats or a mix of blocks and houses.

The ‘facilities’ may simply be private roads but they can also extend to electric gates, street lighting and even communal play areas, swimming pools and gyms. Your lease should tell you what is considered ‘Communal Estate’. This insurance can provide peace of mind and protect you against the sometimes high cost of damage caused to the communal areas.

Residential Property Owners looking after private residential developments and properties with communal areas such as internal roads, footpaths or shared green areas all require insuring and can potentially expose you to a liability claim should an accident occur.

It is commonplace for new residential developments to share common spaces and facilities. When purchasing a property which shares these characteristics it’s important to establish the liabilities so you can cover yourselves and other residents who are legally responsible in the event of a claim.

Not all insurers have an appetite to offer public liability for land and developments on its own, and the premium can be prohibitive unless purchased through a scheme arrangement. .

Liability and material damage

Key features: If Material Damage cover is selected this policy will typically include*:

  • Accidental loss and damage to communally owned buildings, outbuildings such as pumping stations, underground services and bin stores, electric gates and barriers, children’s play areas and equipment
  • Storm damage to hedges, gates and fences
  • The reasonable costs of cleaning and removing any property illegally deposited in or around the premises up to £25,000 in any period of insurance
  • The cost of removing fallen trees or branches following an insured peril up to a limit of £5,000 in any period of insurance
  • Architects and surveyors fees during reinstatement
  • Damage to gardens caused by emergency services
  • Drains and gutters
  • Professional fees
  • Removal of debris
  • Terrorism cover is available on request
  • Fly tipping

What if an accidental injury occurs to an employee whilst on my property?

Employers Liability cover is optional and can be added to your policy for an additional premium. Typically it will cover:

  • Legal liability should accidents or illness affect employees during the course of employment
  • Damages and claim costs, including your liable expenses

All policies include a Property Owners Liability up to a £5,000,000 limit of indemnity. This cover is automatic and cannot be deleted.

For a copy of our guide to Communal Estate insurance, the cover provided under a standard policy* and examples of how the cover could benefit you, click here.

* For full terms and conditions please refer to the policy wording available on request. As with all insurance policies, the policy is subject to limits, conditions and exclusions. For full terms and conditions please refer to the policy wording available on request. This document does not purport to be comprehensive or to give legal advice. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, Gallagher cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained within the document. Readers are always recommended to take further professional advice before making any decisions.

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