Deacon’s underwriters have teamed up with Zurich to extend our Directors and Officers cover, adding terms and additional cover to create a policy designed specifically for blocks of flats – and exclusive to Deacon’s customers.

For example, the policy covers you against criminal or fraudulent acts by third parties. So, if someone were to run off with all the assets from the limited company, you could enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing cover is in place up to a limit of £100,000.

So what are the additional features added to our Zurich D&O policy*? 

  1. Entity employment practice cover – increased cover!
    The policy covers you up to £250,000 against costs of defending employment related claims. This includes awards made if you lose the case and claims made against the management company rather than you personally.
  2. Criminal or fraudulent acts – cover extended to include 3rd Parties
    Should an employee or insured person commit a crime resulting in financial loss to your property or a loss of monies to your limited company, we will compensate you for this up to £100,000**. This cover also applies to Third Parties.
  3. Loss of documents
    We will pay reasonable costs for the restoration or replacement of lost or damaged records, including financial documents kept on a computer and for which you are legally responsible, up to a limit of £100,000
  4. Taxes and employee compensation
    The policy covers financial loss relating to corporate taxes owed by you up to £50,000. This also includes any employee compensation that is owed.
  5. Enhanced company contractual liability defence costs
    Legal costs for defending allegations against a company director can run into thousands of pounds. Our reduced exclusions and increased cover to £50,000 make this cover more comprehensive.
  6. Identity fraud
    If someone poses as you and then enters into an agreement with a third party, we will pay reasonable fees and costs to establish that such fraud has occurred.

Remember, you don’t need to have your building insured with Deacon to take out a directors and officers liability policy with us. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and administration to help make it easy for you.

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Always refer to your policy wording for full cover details. This policy will not cover existing or ongoing subsidence at your property. As with all insurance policies, the policy is subject to limits, conditions and exclusions. For more information please contact us to discuss further, or request a full summary of the cover or the full policy terms and conditions.

**The liability will not exceed £100,000 in the aggregate during the period of insurance and will be subject to a £1,000 excess applicable to each and every claim

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