Protecting your business

As a professional, even verbal advice given to your clients is potentially legally binding, which is why professional indemnity (PI), sometimes known as professional liability insurance, can be so valuable.

PI can protect you from the potentially-catastrophic financial loss and reputational damage that can result from claims levied against you by dissatisfied customers.

The policy we offer RICS meets trades association requirements including (RICS) and the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA).

It has been carefully developed to cover the work carried out by managing agents, which results in competitive premiums. For example, most managing agents do not carry out surveys themselves, although many PI policies automatically include a charge for this in their cover.

At Deacon we don’t believe you should pay for cover you don’t need, so we will only include this cover if you specifically request it.

Key features of the policy are:

  • Professional Liability Damages, costs and/or expenses incurred arising solely in the performance of, or failure to perform, managing agent services.
  • Fraud and Dishonesty Damages, costs and expenses incurred up to the date of discovery.
  • Libel or Slander Indemnifies the insured against legal liability in respect of libel or slander (defamation in Scotland).
  • Estate Agents and Health and Safety Legislation Defence costs for litigation incurred under this legislation.
  • Ombudsman Award Cover for final and binding award or determination of an ombudsman appointed under a recognised scheme.
  • Intellectual Property Damages arising from infringement of third party intellectual property rights.
  • Court Attendance Payment to the insured for attendance at a recognised court.
  • Loss of Documents Cover for reasonable pre-approved expenses following the loss of documents solely in the performance of, or failure to perform, managing agent services.
  • Copyright, intellectual property rights Unintentional breach of copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • Fidelity Actual or alleged dishonest or fraudulent act or omission committed by an employee of the insured.

For a free copy of our Professional Indemnity fact sheet click here.


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