As specialists in flats buildings insurance policies, we do our best to make life as easy as possible for you by thinking ahead about all the cover you will need. We work with underwriters at some of the top insurers to extend the standard buildings cover to cater for blocks of flats.

The policies we negotiate are exclusive to Deacon and our customers, and we keep them under constant review on your behalf.

Here are just some of the benefits of our Zurich* blocks of flats insurance policy that are included as standard features.

Sinkhole cover
Should a sinkhole appear within the grounds of your property, such as a car park or hard standings (and the main building is unaffected), the insurer will cover the costs of repair up to £10,000 (option to increase cover up to £50,000 for an additional premium**). Damage caused to the building is already covered by your block of flats building insurance subject to policy terms.

If an outbreak of Legionellosis occurs at the insured premises, and compliance with local authority advice causes restricted use of the buildings, the insurer will either cover you for up to 3 months loss of rent or costs for alternative accommodation up to a limit of £1,000,000.

Debris recycling
If the damage to your block leaves debris which requires recycling to comply with environmental waste legislation there may be extra expense to sort it and transport it to recycling facilities. This policy can help with those extra costs.

Fire extinguishment expenses
Should you experience a fire at the property, we’ll cover you for the reasonable costs of refilling fire extinguishing appliances, recharging gas flooding systems, replacing used sprinkler heads, refilling sprinkler tanks where costs are metered, resetting fire and intruder alarms and closed circuit television systems, as well as public fire brigade charges for which you may be liable.

Unauthorised use of electricity, gas, oil, water or telecommunications
If you discover unauthorised use of your services e.g. someone within the block tapping into your supplies such as your electricity supply, the insurer will reimburse you for the amount which you are legally responsible up to £50,000 per claim.

Archaeological discoveries
If following damage to your property there is a discovery of historic importance, it might require archaeological excavation of the site. This could restrict access to your property, delay any potential development plans and may even necessitate you finding alternative accommodation. For example, in September 2012 Richard III’s remains were discovered in a car park in Leicester – imagine if they had been in the grounds of a block of flats!  This policy covers losses incurred up to £25,000 as a direct result of you having to comply with your statutory obligations following such discoveries on your property.

* Not all Deacon customers are insured with Zurich. We always recommend the policy that is best for specific circumstances; and will explain why.

Please refer to your policy wording for full cover details. As with all insurance policies, the policy is subject to limits, conditions and exclusions. For more information please contact us to discuss further, or request a full summary of the cover or the full policy terms and conditions. 

** This policy will not cover existing or ongoing subsidence at your property.


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