All over the country people are harnessing the power of social media, such as WhatsApp and Zoom, to set up support groups that help them stay connected with their neighbours and provide help if needed.

It usually starts with one person taking the initiative and putting a note through neighbours’ doors.  Could that person be you if you’re building isn’t already organised?

Once you’ve set up the group online, you can try and identify the gaps – those neighbours who are not online or confident with smart phones and take steps to find other ways of checking in on them.

If it’s a large block of flats, the directors of your residents’ management company or managing agents may be able to assist.   They won’t be able to share phone numbers with you, but they can get in touch with people and ask them to contact you direct if they are interested in joining the group.

You’ll find more useful tips from Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

The silver lining to all of this may be that many of us will get to know our neighbours for the first time and build strong community bonds.  Let’s all aim to hold onto that legacy.


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