It may be tempting to ignore questions about high value items when buying insurance, but they may be things you can’t live or work without, and might not be able to afford to replace quickly without insurance.

From higher than average value homes, jewellery and art, to classic cars, motor yachts and more unusual items like body parts, some people may need extra help and advice when it comes to insuring unusual or high value items.

When adding up how much the contents of your home are worth, remember too to pay particular attention to expensive electrical and electronic equipment and designer goods – clothes, shoes and handbags.

If you are at or near the limits for a standard policy it may be worth talking to a specialist high net worth insurer – they don’t just insure millionaires.

Even if you are not quite at that stage, remember that high value items are rarely automatically covered by a standard contents insurance policy.  Typically items worth over £1000 need to be declared – and you will need original receipts or valuations should you need to claim.

Computer and home entertainment equipment is increasingly included as standard these days, but be sure to check that they are not subject to any high value exemptions.  Bear in mind too that items are usually only covered in the home unless you specify otherwise.  Accidental damage is usually an optional extra too.

High Net Worth clients can bundle all their needs together with one insurer.  There’s just one point of contact – you no longer have to worry about who insures what with multiple reminder letters.

An individual’s tailored package can include just about anything, from property, motor and travel insurance, as well as precious items, from a pair or Louboutin shoes to musical instruments, art and classic cars.

If you think the tailored approach would be a better approach for your lifestyle, we’d be delighted to introduce you to another part of Gallagher, Private Clients, who cater for high net worth clients.  You can contact them direct here..

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