Marketing your rental property? Make sure you consider these tips.

If you let or are considering letting a property, make sure you have considered these useful tips when it comes to marketing.  Time is of the essence, so establishing when you can advertise is key to making sure you reach potential tenants as quickly as possible.

To give your property the wow factor, these simple steps may help your property stand out from the competition.

Photography: A picture can speak a thousand words

Some people are more creative than others when it comes to photography. Remember, first impressions do matter; and if certain characteristics are worth showing, make sure they’re included.

Low light is usually better for portrait photography but when it comes to a property, showing sunlight streaming in can make it more attractive. This goes for the main feature image of the property; a sunny day makes a huge difference.

Always tidy up and remove anything that a potential tenant might dwell upon.

Be creative.  Get the best angle of the room and if there’s a balcony try and get it into the  photograph.  Consider the height of the camera when taking photographs.  For example, you might want to emphasise characteristics such as kitchen worktops.

Portrait photographs work well for corridors whereas landscape usually works better for large open spaces.

Describing your property

Listing features is a great way to hook a potential tenant.  Be specific.  If the storage is big enough to fit a pram then mention it. Gardens, drencher showers, washing machines, dryers, areas to dry clothes, close to amenities are all worth listing.

If you’re happy to accept DSS tenants, make it clear.

If you have parking at the property or nearby, let potential tenants know – it can mean the difference between letting or not letting the property.

What to charge?

Do some research on what’s available in your area.  Take into consideration features like parking, close to amenities, balconies, storage etc. Little things can make a huge difference from the property ‘next door’ when it comes to setting the right price.

Consider the affordability of your property. Higher rents could result in a higher churn of tenants, so if a long term let is what you’re looking for getting the price right is crucial.

Setting your price lower than competitors can lead to more interest which can help if a quick rent is critical.

Always have a minimum you’d accept in your mind.

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