Boo! It’s Halloween, again.

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Thought to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween heralds the turn of the seasons as autumn creeps into winter and the nights get longer.
Many children love the chance to dress in a ghoulish outfit before heading to the neighbours, accompanied by a grown up, for a Trick or Treat surprise.
Of course, it’s unlikely that all children will be supervised and the last thing you want is someone letting them into your block to bother everyone.
Have a word with your neighbours and decide on your policy: is it to welcome them but only at the front door? Or ignore them?
The correct etiquette for trick or treating is only to go to a property with a pumpkin on display. So, if you don’t want visitors it’s a good idea to hold off buying one this year – or at
least don’t display it where it can be seen from outside.
Most supermarkets sell large bags of sweets or chocolates so there’s no need to spend more than a couple of pounds on treats. If you do want to join in the fun, one great idea from the
website Mumsnet is to leave a hollowed pumpkin outside the building and fill it with sweets. One contributor to the site even suggested filling it with jelly first and telling the kids to feel
around the pumpkin’s brains to find their treats!