It’s a bad habit that’s on the increase so make sure you’re sufficiently covered against fly tipping

According to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, 2016 was the worst years on record for incidents of fly tipping and littering in our woods.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the countryside where rubbish creates a blot on the landscape, and if it lands in your backyard the cost of clearing it away can quickly mount.

2016’s bill totalled over £162,000, but since 2010 the total cost of litter clearance, including routine litter picking and fly tipping – has risen to £943,178.

It’s a trend that sparks concern within communities throughout the country as the figures follow a worrying albeit slow rise over the years, with the expenditure for fly tipping increasing by 121% since 2010.

There were 156 recorded fly tipping incidents throughout England in 2016 and the Woodland trust expects the problem to only to get worse, especially if stronger deterrents aren’t put in place.

Top fly tipping finds have included

Children’s play houses
Paddling pools
Exercise bikes
Golf clubs
Snooker tables
Kitchen worktops
Burnt out wheelie bins

Norman Starks, Woodland Trust UK Operations Director, said: “It’s worrying to see that in a world where our woods face constant threats from disease, pests and development that we also have to deal with the actions of mindless individuals. Each year we are spending thousands of pounds clearing up other people’s waste, which could otherwise go towards creating new woods or protecting ancient woodland.

“At the end of the day fly tipping is an illegal activity, and people need to understand and remember that it has numerous implications for our woods and wildlife. We all need to care for our natural environment, or risk ruining it forever.”

Unfortunately, fly tipping can be a problem in urban areas and city centres too and some of the insurers we work with include fly tipping cover up to £25,000 per claim in any one period of insurance*.

*For more information on fly tipping insurance cover provided by Deacon, please contact us on 08000 92 93 94