Top space saving ideas for flat life

Whether you’re just married and realise your wardrobe space is getting smaller, or if you live alone, one thing is probably certain – chances are you’ll never have as much storage space as you would like.  So, in a bid to help stave off the need for rented storage, we’ve come up with 3 ways to help carve storage space out of areas you may not have considered before…..

bike on wall

1. Cleaver cycle storage: You can pretty much hang anything on a wall and with 43% of the country owning or having access to a bike this could prove pretty popular. Whether it’s indoors, in a garage or on a balcony, getting your bike off the ground can make a big difference to space perceptions.  We recommend instructing professional tradesmen if you’re considering doing something like this.

book case

2. Wall partitioning and storage: This is an excellent idea for flats with one large room where stud division is not possible. A tall or floor to ceiling room divider like this can partition areas in a large room while showcasing your favourite items at the same time.


3. Dual function storage – This nifty book case doubles up as a desk! Make sure the hinges are nice and strong if you’re thinking of custom making something like this, as elbows on the desk could rip it off the wall if it’s a shoddy job.

Our top tip for innovative storage ideas is to let your imagination be your guide! If you have ideas you’d like to share please send us a picture and description by email to