is your block weather proof
It’s a bit wet ‘n’ windy at the moment isn’t it?

This is just the time of year when blocks with good maintenance programmes can breathe a sigh of relief, while others may be praying that the roof holds out. So having a schedule of maintenance checks and repairs in place is the best thing you can do to protect your block from the weather. But whether you have one or not, if the worst happens and you hold a Deacon policy, you can call us – even if the office is closed there’s a helpline available 24/7.

We’ll help you to decide exactly what to do immediately and give you authorisation to get on with urgent works that will prevent further damage. Then we’ll work with you directly to get your block back to normal and fully habitable and to authorise any necessary arrangements for alternative accommodation. Don’t forget that we have insurers’ delegated authority to process and pay claims ourselves, so there will be no delays or misunderstanding over who said what.

We’d always suggest that a having a schedule of maintenance checks and repairs in place because loss adjusters must inevitably take into account the state of repair of the building. After all, it is clearly unfair to expect residents of well-maintained blocks effectively to foot the bill for repairs to buildings which have not even been inspected for years.